Shelter Cat Sunday

Are you looking for a furry gift to give a loved one (or yourself!) this Christmas? If so, let me please first remind you that a pet is for life, and a cat can be a 20+ year commitment. Secondly, please visit your local rescue or shelter when bringing a new cat or dog into your life. This is Tippi, and she is in need of a forever home and is located in Queensland.

Tippi was sent to the local pound in a suitcase with her 5 beautiful 4 week old baby boys after being found dumped in the local area. She also arrived there in amazingly good health and not a flea to be seen on her or her bubs. Tippi is such an impressionable young lady who quickly adapted to her foster home and was and still is friendly with everybody she meets. Tippi has also been the best Mum to her boys, taking care of them and making sure they are always fed, clean and safe.

Can you give this young mum the love she deserves? Find out more about her here or call her carer Rebecca on 0402 588 267. Hoping Tippi finds a home for Christmas!

Shelter Cat Sunday

Look at this pretty little face! This is Keeva, looking for a home with Sydney's CatRescue.

Keeva was a street kitten and got rescued from an industrial yard at approximately 12 weeks old. She is very shy and her natural instinct is to run and hide from people when they enter where she is, however, she now comes out to investigate or when called a lot sooner than she used to. She is cheeky, playful and extremely curious.

If you're looking to give this sweetie the love and patience she deserves, have a look at her online profile for more information or call her carer Kristen on 0416 922 195. 

The Cafe Crowd by Lisa Brennan

If I told you that the moment after I booked my plane ticket to Melbourne, I booked my ticket to Melbourne’s Cat Cafe – you wouldn’t think I was crazy right?

Cat Cafe Melbourne opened in July and was launched through a crowd funding campaign by Melbourne locals - Anita and Myles Loughran. Cat cafes are very popular in Japan and throughout Europe and offer a solution for people who want a pet but are unable to have them, in addition to travellers and international students seeking pet companionship. During my time with the cats, I met a guy who was on a working visa for 3 months and missing his cat at home. He was quietly delighted to spend time with these residents. There was also a group of girls who are unable to own their own cats and sat in a huddle admiring a sleeping feline, speaking in hushed tones, while they listened to him gently snore. I witnessed their happiness at being able to spend time with a furry companion – even for just a little while.

The Cat Cafe is located in a beautiful federation building at 375 Queen Street, close to the Queen Victoria Markets. On entering, you feel like you are visiting a friend’s house. Downstairs is a dedicated cafe and shop full of kitty collectables and enrichment items to Catify your home. But its upstairs you want to be – where the cats live.

To visit the cats you are required to pre book a time for your hourly visit (easily made through the Cat Cafe Website). Before going upstairs the rules are explained to you. These are pretty simple to follow and are based on Animal Welfare guidelines.

Cat Cafe Melbourne has four rambling rooms upstairs that are open to visitors and each of which are filled with comfy couches, books, cat-related decor, climbing trees, scratching furniture and loads of cat toys. The 12 residents have all been adopted from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society and The Lost Dogs Home and offered the purfect home at the Cat Cafe. They were all brought in together and seemed pretty relaxed with their environment. When it all gets too much – they have their own ‘chill out’ private room to relax/eat/wash and do all manner of cat like things.

The cats themselves are not bothered by the coming and goings of their visitors. They are obviously used to being adored and admired and, in typical cat fashion, go about their daily activities seeking out their needs. So what do you actually do? If you like the idea of having coffee and cake, sitting on a comfy couch and interacting with the cats – then this is the place for you. Only 15 visitors are allowed at any one time and there is a staff member wandering around checking on the cats, offering drinks/snacks and answering your every question. You can sit in a room where the main group of people tend to sit (the first room) or find another quieter room. My favourite was a smaller room where Lynx resided – a beautiful cuddly snoring boy who loves a tummy rub. You will find the cats wander in and out, chasing, stalking and generally being nosy about what everyone else is doing with ‘the fear of missing out’.

Apart from being a beautiful place to visit and spend some time with the cats, the Cat Cafe raises awareness for Animal Rescue groups, by not only providing a home for these rescue cats but by raising funds to donate to local shelters. They are currently running the ‘Meowy Christmas Campaign’ and are accepting food donations in store which will be given to animal shelters in the New Year. All food donated is matched by Hill's Pet Nutrition.

So my thoughts? You like cats? You like supporting local enterprises? Then you are already there.

International Cheetah Day – December 4 by Alison Lee Rubie - Part 2

Cheetahs are excellent hunters. Their eyesight is strong and they can spot prey up to five kilometres away from a mound or other vantage point. Stalking their prey until the right moment to make the chase, cheetahs will use their speed to catch and then their claws to ultimately drag the prey to the ground before biting its throat or nuzzle to suffocate it and finish it off. Though cheetahs are strong hunters, they compete with lions and hyenas that are threats to the cheetah and will often scare the cheetah away from its kill to finish off their meal. This can lead to starvation and often cheetahs will go days without food. Cheetahs only eat animals they have killed themselves. (Chinery p 294). 

Cheetahs have long been held in captivity dating back to Ancient Egyptians and Assyrians who kept tame cheetahs. These animals would be used for hunting. People in power such as emperors or kings in India were known to keep thousands of cheetahs during the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. As cheetahs do not breed successfully in captivity, most of these cheetahs were caught in the wild and trained to hunt.

Cheetahs are now a protected species listed under Appendix I of Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). (IUCN Red List) They are protected under national legislations throughout their existing range and parts of their previous range. Unfortunately though, some countries still allow cheetahs to be killed if they are threatening livestock or endangering life.

So what can you do to help? The best way to help is to spread awareness about their plight. The more people that know the more people can help. Share this blog post on your Facebook, talk about International Cheetah Day and The Feline Foundation and their causes. Sign petitions and encourage your friends to do so as well. It’s all about being proactive. Together we can change the world.

Who’s Your Daddy? by Jessica McColl

When we first adopted Macy she was tiny. I remember her first night she was allowed to freely roam the house, I sent my husband to watch her while I cooked the dinner. He followed her around so dotingly, ever concerned that we would lose her in every crevice of the house. The next day he came home with all these bricks which he placed over every possible small crack she could get through. No, she could not slide under the back door, but he covered it with bricks anyway. It was truly heart melting.

Macy as a kitten - constantly seeking mischief

Macy as a kitten - constantly seeking mischief

Once confident in our home, Macy developed a truly charming little trick. She would dash along the top of the couch and bop my husband right on the head with her tiny paw. I cannot even fathom why she would do this. Never did she once do it to another person. She would even do it while we had company. She would quickly scoot past every other possible unsuspecting victim and when she got to him, BOP, right on the head. Afterwards she would dive straight down the back of the lounge.

To be honest, it was hilarious.

As she has grown, she stopped with the head bopping and just has no time for him. I often joke that Macy lets him live with us. You see, Macy and I share a special bond. She doesn’t need to sit all over my lap to feel connected, she is happy to sit by me and follow me about the house in her quiet and unassuming manner. She speaks to me and seems to know exactly what I say; she will follow my directions even when only given verbally. I think perhaps she is just like that, bonded to just one person.

Mr. Bean on the other hand loves everybody. He is Macy’s exact opposite in so many ways. When I first got Beanie, I was at the shelter, just looking and making some enquiries, about getting a friend for Macy. He chose me so to speak and I had to call my very new husband to confirm it was ok to bring a kitty home. That evening we were at a family dinner, which he came to straight from work. I could tell he was not super impressed about the new kitten stashed at home. I was a bit nervous about the first meeting. A bit of a make or break moment I thought. When we arrived at home he didn’t even go see him until I asked if he would like to. He begrudgingly said yes – maybe it was ‘if you want me to…’

Baby Beanie - not quite a tiger but heart meltingly cute

Baby Beanie - not quite a tiger but heart meltingly cute

I think I will remember the moment forever. He went into the room and his expression completely changed. He said “Oh my god he is beautiful. He looks just like a baby tiger” (yes, I know what you are thinking - Mr. Bean is silver tabby and white, nothing like a tiger, but shhh! – don’t ruin my story). That was it really. It was love.

Unlike Macy, Mr. Bean adores my husband. Before Little Miss came along, he would wait by the door as soon as the time neared for my husband to arrive home. He would strain to listen for every sound outside in case it was him. He would then jump up on top of the aquarium so that he could ‘bump heads’ in his lion greeting as soon as the official man of the house walked through the door. He relishes in the moment when my husband falls asleep on the couch and he can snuggle up next to him. He also loves my brother in law. His is the first lap he jumps into when he comes to visit.

So while Macy is happy to just stick to her one BFF, Beanie really enjoys being ‘one of the boys’. 

Mr Bean patiently waiting for his Daddy - Macy just likes the fish

Mr Bean patiently waiting for his Daddy - Macy just likes the fish

International Cheetah Day – December 4 by Alison Lee Rubie - Part 1

Last Thursday, 4th December, was International Cheetah Day. What a magnificent animal to celebrate. It is unique in so many ways. So why December 4th? Dr Marker, at Wildlife Safari in Oregon raised a cub named Khayam and that cubs birthday was December 4th. She was trained for the first research project in rewilding and in 1977 Dr Marker took Khayam to Africa to see if she could be taught to hunt in the wild. It was successful through trial and error. Through this trip to Namibia Dr Marker learned of the extermination of cheetahs by farmers and vowed to do something about it, so she chose the birthday of Khayam to raise awareness of cheetah conservation. (Information on December 4th, International Cheetah Day extracted from “For the Love of Wildlife”)

The cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, is the only animal, along with its subspecies that is within its genus. Famous for its speed and agility, the cheetah is the fastest land animal, capable of reaching speeds of up to 114km/h. Its slender body and strong legs are built for this speed and it is this speed, which constitutes one of the cheetah’s greatest defence mechanisms. Cheetahs are not aggressive cats and prefer to outrun their predators rather than stand and fight. They are a unique species of cat and are the only cats to have semi-retractable claws assisting in its speed.

Being the smaller of the big cats leaves the cheetah open to larger predators such as hyenas and lions. Approximately 95% of cheetah cubs will not survive their first year due to raids by predators or simply because the mother is not skilled enough in hunting to support them, therefore failing to care for her cubs successfully. In the Savannah, there are some known ‘super mums’ (National Geographic November 2012) that have successfully raised cubs time and time again. These super mums play a vital role in the conservation of this species. There is one super mum ‘Eleanor’ that is known to have mothered at least 10 per cent of all the adult cheetahs in the southern Serengeti. (National Geographic November 2012) In addition to predators, other threats include conflict with humans, loss of habitat and decline in prey.

Listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, the cheetah is the most vulnerable of the big cats and potentially faces a bleak future. However, there are a number of conservation funds protecting the survival of this unique animal. With approximately 7000 cheetahs in the wild and the rapid decrease of this species, it is important for conservationists and wildlife organisations to embark on breeding programs to maintain the existence of these slick fast felids. You can help by purchasing any product in The Feline Foundation shop. Your contribution will go towards the big cats of Africa including cheetahs.

Stay tuned for more information on the cheetah in my next blog

Shelter Cat Sunday

This cutie is Socks, and is waiting for her forever home with Sydney's Cat Protection Society.

Loving and very affectionate; Socks is a real snuggle bunny when the mood takes her but for most of the day she will enjoy relaxing on a big soft bed and taking in all that surrounds her. Socks is looking for a forever home where she can be your only feline as she did not get along with the other pets in her previous home. Due to flea allergies an indoor home would be best for Socks to keep her skin itch free but this won’t be a hard task, Socks really does enjoy a comfy bed.

To find out more about this pretty lady, call CPS on (02) 9557 4818, or check out their new Facebook page. Due to a recent account issue, CPS are unable to access their previous FB page which had over 16,000 likes. Please visit their new one and give it some love, as well as their needy kitties like Socks!

The Annual Christmas Gift Guide is Here!

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Custom Ceramic Pet Figurine by Rami Kim

I've been a massive fan of Rami's for quite some time now, and bought one of her awesome salt dishes earlier in the year. I've also had my eye on these beautiful hand made ceramic custom pet figurines, so am very excited to be featuring Rami in the Gift Guide. Check out her Etsy shop and use coupon code CATTEEMISSION to get 10% off custom pet figurines only. Valid until 1st Janurary 2015. I may have to take advantage of this one myself!


Feline Inspired Cat Rings by Nach Bijoux

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Eco-friendly Catpod!

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Hand Painted Cat Brooches by Emma Carlisle

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WINE for a cause!

For a long time now we've done most of our fundraising through merchandise sales, and it has been for the most part successful. But I've wanted to reach out to a broader audience for some time now, hence the online fundraisers I do from time to time. But today I'm excited to announce we've spread our wings even further - listen up wine lovers!

The Feline Foundation is proud to announce our partnership with Goodwill Wine. Goodwill Wine is dedicated to sourcing the best quality boutique wine from independent wineries across Australia and is a licensed fundraiser and business made possible from the goodwill of others. They pledge 50% of the profit (or a minimum of $20 per case) from your purchase to the charity or non-profit organisation of your choice, ie. us!

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I just want to drink wine, save lions and take naps by Alison Lee Rubie

Firstly I apologise for the length of time between my last post and now. I have been in Africa with limited internet and time. But it’s good to be back.


Photo by Alison Lee Rubie courtesy of and with permission by CACH and CACH Spain and the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.

Pictured above is George (right) and Yame (left), the two little French born, Spanish raised lion cubs who are now being cared for in South Africa. If you are unfamiliar with the story, these cubs were rescued by the Campaign Against Canned Hunting Spain team after it was brought to their attention how poorly these cubs were being treated. After months of rehabilitation and constant care, the cubs are now much healthier and are pictured here at their new home, the home of the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, where they will be cared for, for the remainder of their lives by Kevin himself and his dedicated team. I was fortunate to meet CJ and Luis, the two dedicated members of CACH Spain who cared for the cubs prior to their transfer to South Africa and also to see George and Yame in their new home of which they have settled in well. This reminded me of the plight of the young lion. In South Africa and over the world, cubs are exploited by humans wanting to earn a quick dollar whether it be for their own benefit or contributing to canned hunting. Unsuspecting visitors, volunteers and guests come for the chance to get up close to a big cat with most not knowing the consequences of their actions. Almost all places in South Africa for example, that allow you to pet cubs, contribute to the canned hunting industry. So please think twice before petting a cub and research your trip to South Africa to see animals in the wild.

To help raise money to fight against canned hunting and the poor treatment of lion cubs, I would like to share the design my friend and designer Emily Elise, did for me (inspired by Sarah's original 'Wine, Cats and Naps' design) for this months Artist Exchange, which is now available on tees and other merchandise in The Feline Foundation's shops. All proceeds from the sale of this design will go directly to the Campaign Against Canned Hunting in South Africa. The funds will be used to help lion cubs in similar situations to George and Yame and help give them a fur-ever home. This offer is available up until 31st December and would make the perfect gift. So please pop to the store and see what’s on offer. A reminder too that the US and UK shop ships worldwide including to all countries in Africa AND you can get FREE SHIPPING in those two shops when you buy two or more items with coupon code XMASTWO until 3rd December. 

products_wine and lions.jpg

Thank you! Next time I will bring a blog about the Cheetah for International Cheetah Day on December 4. 

Alison modelling the t-shirt on her recent trip to South Africa.

Shelter Cat Sunday

What a beautiful kitty! This is Laykin, in care with the Save A Dog Scheme in Victoria.

From Laykin's foster carer: "Laykin is a really active, affectionate and curious boy! He loves sitting on my lap or near me on the couch. Laykin adores his dear friend Trinity and they'd love to find a home together. They're both crazy for toys and love a belly rub!!"

If you'd like to meet this handsome young man, have a look at his profile or call 03 9824 7929 to find out more. Good luck Laykin!

Nambia? No, Namibia. Where the hell is that?! by Erin Rainey

I'm very excited to introduce you to our newest Feline blogger, Erin Rainey. I first met Erin in 2012 when I was volunteering at Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia. Erin is a fellow Aussie who was living in Namibia and working on the research team at Harnas, and had formed a very close bond with many of the animals at the sanctuary. Erin's blog posts will detail her journey to and from Africa, the amazing relationships she formed with big cats, and the awesome things she accomplished in her 4.5 years there.

I was 23 and my first 'real' boyfriend had just dumped me whilst we were sitting on the couch watching Uncle Buck (Yes. Uncle Buck.). I thought my life as I knew it was over. Not over dramatic at all. I probably cried myself to sleep for months, torturing myself with all those incredibly unhealthy irrationalities that girls seem to love to perpetuate when suffering through a heartbreak.

I had one semester left of my Animal Science degree and my new found freedom presented me with a strong desire to run far, far away from home. Africa. I had always wanted to work with Big Cats. When I was a kid, all I wanted was a cat. Dad hated cats, so it didn't matter how much I begged or letters I wrote to Santa, I never got a kitty of my own*. So heading half way across the world to a third world country where OH&S is considered highly optional to work directly with 200+kg cats seemed like a natural progression. I signed up with a travel agency and they suggested a project in Namibia. Nambia? No, Namibia. I had never heard of Namibia but I was excited and booked for an 8 week placement. That was exactly what I needed. I'd get to fulfill a dream, maybe give this 'finding myself' thing a go and then I'd come back home with a one to two cool stories and a mended heart. Easy. I had it all planned out perfectly.

Africa, with all of her seductive charm, had a very different plan in mind.

*Mum and dad have been since adopted by a stray Birman that turned up on their doorstop. I swear they love the cat more than they do my brother and I combined.

Sheldon, the apple of my parents eye!

Sheldon, the apple of my parents eye!

Want to follow Erin's journey and stay up to date with other Feline news? Click here to subscribe to the blog, or like us on Facebook.

Snap Happy by Jessica McColl

When I wrote my last post I was feeling deflated. In fact it is very easy to feel deflated when you see the plight of cats in shelters. People who work in such places talk of self-preservation. That you have to close yourself off emotionally, to some extent, so that you don’t spend your life in tears.

Twenty kittens to euthanize today. Sure thing, can’t wait.

I do not emotionally disconnect myself and I never will. Change will only occur if people continue to see the injustices. The volunteers have a sort of motto  - “do the best you can for the animals while they are at the facility”.

So, I spent Saturday making up mushy food for the littlest of our kittens (only available to rescue due to being too young to rehome) and stayed with them to make sure each of the little fluff balls got enough to eat. I always say that when I get another cat, I will only adopt an adult. But kittens are divine.

 *Le sigh*

Whilst preparing the kitten food, I noticed some people photographing the cats. You see, shelter staff don’t have time to take photographs beyond the picture taken when the animal is impounded. Usually this photograph shows a terrified cat huddled in the back of a trap or cat carrier. Now I am no marketing expert, but surely the majority of general public aren’t going to be lining up to visit that cat. These photographers come in and set up a makeshift studio in the cattery and take very polished looking images of the cats, which they then give to the shelter so that they can advertise the cats on the shelter’s webpage. What I discovered through chatting with a few of the photographers was that they do so much more.

They come in looking every bit the professional pet photographer. With a bag of tricks to entice even the flightiest of felines. Think: natural yoghurt, kitten milk, wet food and toys. They bring out white screens and props so that it appears the cats are not in fact in a shelter, but are instead in a fancy studio.

"Never work with kids or animals", photographers Katie & Andrew with some un-cooperative kittens

"Never work with kids or animals", photographers Katie & Andrew with some un-cooperative kittens

Surprisingly though, they all have other jobs, not in photography, but in fields such as law and occupational therapy. They clearly have an interest in photography, which they are able to foster through donating their time to some very needy (and at times, highly un-cooperative) subjects. They also love cats. And as the shirt says, people who don’t like cats are weirdos. So I took a liking to them straight away

But wait folks, there is still more. They belong to a group called the Rescue Cat Project. You can visit them on facebook here. They do something a bit different to the work of the regular rescue groups. They instead aim to give the impounded kitties a voice. They do it in three major ways.

1)     CatOgraphy- the cute name given to these fabulous photos they take to advertise the kitties while they are in the shelter. This aids in more adoptions taking place directly from the facility and taking some of the pressure off the already over-flowing rescue organisations.

2)     CatVocacy – another cute name given to the Rescue Cat Project’s plight to be the physical voice of the cats in the shelter by attending council meetings to question and challenge the bureaucracy and advocate for change. 

They also team up with rescue groups to help get cats and kittens out of the pound and into foster care.

3) CatFunding – raising funds to improve the life of cats in shelters. While they were there, the kind representatives of the project offered me food and specially formulated cat milk to feed the little kittens I was caring for. I am not sure I can write eloquently enough how greatly appreciated this is. Such a small thing really. My cats have cat milk stocked up as treats – half the time they won’t even drink it. For these tiny kittens an extra full belly can be the difference between life and death. Today’s serving of kitten milk may be the highlight of their whole life. Their entire lifespan may consist of five weeks.

So this week, I left feeling somewhat uplifted. When you see others out there fighting the good fight, it motivates you to continue doing the same. After all, we are all in this together.

Shelter Cat Sunday - Kitten Season

Kitten season is well and truly under way here in the southern hemisphere, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to desex your cats!!! My friend volunteers at the pound and she told me that with the amount of kittens coming in, most don't even get the chance to get adopted, and go straight to euthanasia. So so sad :(

This is Belle, and she is one of the lucky ones, looking for her forever family with Saving Animals Matters in Western Australia.

Belle is a gorgeous 8 week old grey kitten looking for her forever home. She came into care with her sister Rose and brother Cogsworth after finding themselves homeless. She is an affectionate girl that loves to cuddle her foster mum, and play with her foster siblings.

Check out Belle's profile to find out more about her, or get in contact with her carer if you're interested in adoption. And remember, always visit your local pound or rescue when looking for a new kitty. There are SO many that are in need.

From one Mother to Another by Jessica McColl

It is spring here, in sunny Sydney, Australia. We have beautiful warm days and the native flora on my street is in full bloom. My daughter and I go on long walks and my cats bask in the midday sun coming in through the windows.

Spring should be a beautiful time for all, but alas it is not.

At the pound, where I volunteer, we are already getting in mama cats and kittens by the basket load. Puts a real damper on my thoughts about spring.

On the weekend, I observed a mama cat with her young kittens. She watched peacefully while they played together, rumbling as kittens do. Until the rumbling sent one little ginger ninja and he plummeted head first into the water bowl. Once she had ensured his safety, mama headed over to the put herself in between the tabby instigator and it’s next victim. Gentle discipline at it’s finest.

I also witnessed the terror of a feral cat, separated from her young.

The young babes were taken by a rescue group.

The mama was ‘not suitable’ to be rehomed.

I have been thinking bout this non-stop. Because, you guys, these mama cats are not so different to me. I use gentle discipline always and if I were separated from my baby, fear would not cover it. In fact, I believe I would also become positively feral.

Yes, I see you mama cat.

My heart positively breaks for you.

A kitten yourself, trying to do the best for your babies. Sacrificing your own health and wellbeing to care for these little creatures. Knowing the fear that your future is uncertain. Hearing the sounds of danger all around with nowhere to escape to, nowhere to hide them.

Having them taken away.

Being taken away from them.

Hearing them cry out in little mews for you for those brief moments before you never see them again.

The absolute terror of being taken from the cage for the last time on a catchpole by a person wearing metal gloves.


Today I am sick of it. I am sick of people being so damn irresponsible. I am sick of animals being treated as though they are garbage, dropped off for someone else to deal with. I would tell you to ‘desex your pets’, but hey, you already know that – yep you are already right here on this page. I would tell you that ‘tnr programs’ are great for controlling the stray cat population but I bet you know that too.

The hard truth is that the cycle, in itself is never ending. There is even a name for it – ‘kitten season’. It is horrific that we have a formal name for a time of year, which relates to the influx in the overpopulation of cats.

The only solution, I believe, is education. People must know the implications of not desexing their pets. This week feline lovers, I want you to shout it from the rooftops. Maybe from the high vantage point you will see me, because I will be out there shouting along with you.

Shelter Cat Sunday

This gorgeous young girl is Mama. She is in care with the Animal Holding Facility in Blacktown NSW and desperately wants out!

Sweet little Mama has lost her entire litter to illness and is really feeling the pain, all alone at the pound. She is a very sweet kitty but desperate to get out. Please contact the Animal Holding Facility on (02) 9839 6161 ASAP if you can offer Mama the home she deserves. Her impound number is #5062. Good luck Mama girl! 

Shelter Cat Sunday + SALE!

How cute is little Zalie?! Zalie needs a home! She is on the Central Coast of NSW with Claws N Paws Rescue. 

Zalie is a very quiet natured kitten. She is a great companion cat for you and your other cats and kittens. She loves company and will seek you out when your out of site. She has bonded well with all the other foster kittens and would best suit an older, quiet household with other cats or kittens. She is quite timid but warms up to new people. She has lovely markings and a sweet voice.

If you'd like to know more about this pretty tabby, please call Brianca on 0423 346 407 or have a look at her online profile

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The Feline Foundation Welcomes Jen Moules

Its a new month which means a new artist! Artist Exchange has been running for quite some time now, and we've had some AWESOME artists contribute their work, and I'm so glad it is continuing this month with Jen Moules.

Only available for the month of November, so be quick!

Only available for the month of November, so be quick!

Jen Moules is a designer maker from the UK specialising in interior textiles, wallpaper and giftware. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and has a passion for nature and wildlife which is reflected in both her textile designs and illustrative work.

Jen's super cute kitty design is available in our shops now, with all proceeds going to our partner charities around the world. Make sure you pop over to Jen's beautiful Etsy shop too.

If you're a creative interested in participating in Artist Exchange, check out the details here.

Shelter Cat Sunday

In love with this little tabby girl. Her name is Lena and she in in care with Safe Bunbury in Western Australia.


Lena, is the most gorgeous little girl. She is such a part of the family and is wherever we are but in such a gentle way. She will just lay down beside us if we are in the garden, or inside. She is so sociable and just loves to be a part of the family. She is always there to greet us when we get home and is never far away from us - she checks on us all the time. She is the most amazing little companion, but not overpowering at all. She likes to talk to us with a few little meows if she can't find us, but once again this is so sweet and not too much at all. She loves my daughter, my 2 dogs and foster cats. She would make the most amazing companion for a loving home and we will miss her very dearly when she does find her forever home.

If you think Lena is the one for you, please get in contact with Nicky on 0414449045. Good luck little Lena!

Time in the Joint by Jessica McColl

My profession is working with adolescence, and as you know my current position is mother to Young Miss Crazy Cat Lady in Training.

But let’s face it. We all need a bit of a break sometimes. As a little me-time, I decided to put my name down as a volunteer at my local pound.

I usually spend Saturday there, hanging out with both the dogs and cats currently being held at the facility and chatting with the public. I love it because I get to do all the fun stuff. Walk and play with the dogs and cuddle and play with the cats.

There have been many things I have learnt there already. The pound staff have even provided opportunities for us, as volunteers, to receive some training. The worst part is seeing some of the darker parts of human nature. There is something truly upsetting about a dog sitting and waiting at the gate of it’s kennel for it’s owner to come get them – not realizing they are never coming back, it is also truly upsetting seeing an older cat confused and unwell after a hard knock life hiding as high up in the eaves of the cattery as it can get, even if this means it will also get soaking wet. It is a sad picture to paint.

Miss Izzy

Miss Izzy

Now let me shed some beauty for you.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that the dogs remember me from week to week. You can both see and sense their excitement as you approach them. When practicing basic obedience with them, it is pure joy to see how elated they feel when they get it right and get some positive reinforcement (read:TREATS!!). Putting a dog back into it’s kennel after a marathon fetch session in the exercise yard, and watching him collapse onto his bed as though he has not a care in the world is a feeling second to none. 

Charlee boy (blind & slight neurological disability)

Charlee boy (blind & slight neurological disability)

I cannot describe to you eloquently enough the sheer satisfaction when you spend half an hour with that elderly puss hiding in the eaves and eventually are able to entice him down. Maybe not to get a smooch, but you do get him to go willingly to their own soft basket. Winning at life, right there.

And when that cute couple come in and adopt the shy fluffy kitten (c’mon you know who you are!) and you know they are going to give him the best home EVER – well, you almost overdose on that warm and fuzzy feeling.

The realisation that you cannot save them all is tough. I would never envy the job of the pound staff; they are not the mean dogcatchers you have pictured in your head. They are people who genuinely love animals. If you ask me, they do the hardest job in animal welfare. They deal with the surplus. The overbred, the unwanted, the neglected, the ‘I’m having a baby,’ the ‘kids would rather a cat/dog’ (as they drop off their dog/cat), the ‘I don’t have time’ and the strays that just never get picked up. Animal lovers, who see, deal with and have to, at times, hand out the worst possible sentence to our domesticated pets.

If you take anything away from reading this, I hope it is a firm respect for the people who are employed by animal holding facilities (pounds) and the next time you see people on social media call them ‘killers’, I hope you serve them a piece of your mind.

So just to circle back, no, you cannot save them all. However, as a volunteer, you can make a difference to these animals that is immeasurable.

Suddenly all of their days don’t look the same and they have something to look forward to.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that something was you.

(I imagine it will also be nice when I stop wanting #allthekitties =^.^= )