bloggers wanted!

Are you a cat-loving blogger or writer? If so we want you! The Feline Foundation is looking an elite group of bloggers, to contribute pretty much anything kitty related, on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.


What we’re looking for:

Arts & style editor: Home and personal style tips, arts and crafting tips, or just plain old kitty finds. Decorating, painting, photography, sewing, upcycling and just having a great eye - if those things describe you, contact us!

Little Feline expert: Do you know a lot about our domestic friends? From rescue, to introducing a new cat, to feline health and anything in between. If so we'd like to hear from you!

Big Feline expert: Calling cat big kitty enthusiasts! Have you travelled the world just to see big cats, or volunteered with them aboard? Or do you work with them at a sanctuary or zoo closer to home? Or perhaps you have a degree in wildlife behaviour or zoology? If you know a lot about big cats and how to conserve them, and you'd like to regularly write about it, please get in touch.

Cute specialist: If you're all about kitty cuteness, we need you! This project is all about love, and if you can find that love among the millions of photos and videos of kitties, then we need you!

Giveaway guru: We like to offer our feline fans the chance to win some cool kitty bits from time to time, so if you know how to secure an awesome feline find then you're the one for us!


If you're interested in joining our team you need to keep in mind that this is a volunteer position and you will not be paid. You will also need to become a member of the Feline Team and be willing to submit something on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Please email writing samples and a bit about yourself to

Shelter Cat Sunday

This SCS post is urgent. This gorgeous ginger boy is at Renbury Farm Animal Shelter in Western Sydney and is 'due' tomorrow :(

The descriptopn from the Renbury Facebook page reads: Domestic Short Hair m Ginger gorgeous affectionate natured boy who gets along well with other cats.

Please share this special boy who only has 24 hours or so. If you are interested in adopting Cobie, please call (02) 9606 6118 or email He is available for adoption or foster. All info here. Praying for this life to be saved!!

Also, please check out my friend Jessica's new Facebook page, she is painting cats and dogs on death row in the hopes to spread their plight. She just finished painting Cobie last night.


Shelter Cat Sunday

Ahoy, matey! Say hello to Sailor, a very handsome chap looking for his forever home with the RSPCA in Canberra

Adorable Sailor will warm anyone's heart. This affectionate and loving boy wants nothing more than someone he can cuddle up with on a cold winter night. Sailor is quiet and settled he should adjust to his new home quickly and he is friendly with everyone he meets.Sailor has won quite a few people over already and will not take long to find his forever home.This is definitely a special boy who has so much love to give to his new family.

Sailor is 10 years young and ready to love. If you can offer him a home, check out his online profile or call Jane on (02) 6287 8100.


Shelter Cat Sunday

This is our first SCS post here on the new blog, hoorah! Say hello to a very handsome chap by the name of Legolas! A 1 year old champagne boy looking for his forever home with Sydney's Cat Protection Society

Legolas is more than just a handsome fellow – he’s active and energetic, then once he’s worn himself out from play Legolas will be happy to stop for cuddles. His confident nature will allow Legolas to settle quickly in a new home and greet your visitors with glee. He can be a bully with other cats so could be best on his own or with a boisterous feline friend.

If you think Legolas is the one for you, check out his online profile or call CPS on (02) 9557 4818.


The Last Blog Post at

The last Cat Tee Mission blog post, posted on Monday 30th June 2014:

Guys, we've made a big decision. A decision some might think risky, but a decision we feel needed to be made none the less. WE ARE CHANGING OUR NAME!!!

That's right, very shortly, Cat Tee Mission is going to become The Feline Foundation. The reason for this change is because WE have changed. When I first launched CTM, we were literally just about tees. My goal was to sell tee shirts with a message about the plight of domestic cats. Not too long after that we started selling other products too, then welcoming other artists on board to give you a whole bunch of other cool kitty merch with a wide range of designs to choose from. And then not long after that we started supporting big cats too. We also started holding online fundraisers and raffles, and I'm constantly trying to come up with ways to raise more money for cats. Something that couldn't be done through tee shirts alone. So I've been thinking about this for a long time, and we've finally gone ahead and made the decision to make the change.

We also feel that The Feline Foundation has a more professional ring to it, I wont have to spell out our web address to people anymore and it gives us a much more broad title, one we have room to move under, should we decide to expand even further and start holding events and dinner (which I would love to do). We will have a new website and logo soon, and hopefully Facebook will let me change the name of our current page too.TwitterPinterest and Instagram can all be changed at the type of a few keys, so that will happen over the coming days too.

If you're sitting here reading this thinking "but what about my tee shirt with the website on it?" never fear! will be re-directed to the new website and will stay that way indefinitely.

I always like to take opportunities to thank you for your support, and this is no different. THANK YOU guys, I couldn't do this without you. Make sure you're following us on FBTwitterPinterest and/or Instagram to stay up to date with all the announcements and name change-overs!

Lots of love,

Sarah xo

Design Our Logo!

We held a Design Our Logo competition before we launched our new name, and we had some brilliant entries! It was very hard to choose, but in the end we went with our amazing logo by Heidi Glasson of Hide and Create Graphic Design. Heidi captured exactly what we're all about with her design, its simple, modern, professional with an arty twist, and I especially love the back end of the kitty with her leopard spots! Congrats to Heidi and a huge thanks for giving us a bunch of different versions and our FB banner. 

The other entries we had are below, which are all amazing and you may even see one or two of them in our shop for Artist Exchange later this year too! 

Entry by Charlie Dear of charliedoodles

Entries by Sarah Preuss Design


Entry by Jen Moules


Huge thanks to everyone who expressed interest and entered our competition, we really appreciate the support!


Zambi Wildlife Retreat

A few weeks back I had the privilege of meeting a little rescue lion cub by the name of Sukari, who's residing at Zambi Wildlife Retreat in Western Sydney. Zambi Wildlife Retreat is the first and only animal welfare establishment in Australia that rescues, rehabilitates, re-homes and offers shelter to a wide range of species.  


Sukari fell asleep suckling my finger. As you can tell by the look on my face I'm melting!

  From their website: "While our focus is on exotic animals needing retirement from zoo breeding programs, circus and private ownership, we also provide care and shelter to domestics, farm animals and native wildlife.  Emergency rescue is available across all species. Managed by highly qualified staff and volunteers, Zambi Wildlife Retreat ensures the health, safety and dignity to all animals in our care. LOTL Rescue, established in 2010, is the founding company of Zambi Wildlife Retreat. ZWR operates as a registered charity in NSW (Australia)."



My friend Lisa (left), Sukari and my mum

  They were offering encounters with their little cub Sukari (only while she was little!) in order to raise funds to run their amazing organisation. They also hope to be open to the public soon, to raise further funds for the animals. Being a charity, they rely entirely on donations and fundraising in order to operate. Click here if you'd like to make a donation. I asked one of the keepers, Donna, to answer a few short questions about their organisation and she was happy to oblige...



Belinda (one of the other people at the encounter who is keen to get involved with us here at CTM - there were 6 of us which is the maximum!) letting Sukari suckle on her finger too


me: Are the encounters still running? If so for how much longer?

Donna: Encounters are still available for another week only. (contact them if you'd like to meet Sukari)

me: How can people sign up for your mailing list to stay up to date about when you guys will be open to the public for special viewing etc?

Donna: You can sign up for our e-news on our Facebook page. We also sell memberships for $15.

me: What is the future for Zambi (another cub) and Sukari? Will they stay at Zambi Wildlife Retreat or are they part of a national breeding program?

Donna: The lion cubs will live their lives out together at ZWR.

me: Will you guys continue to breed lion cubs? If so for what reason?

Donna: We have no plans to breed cubs. We are a retreat for retired animals from the zoo breeding programs, circus, private ownership etc.

me: Are you guys fully funded by donations? How can people donate?

Donna: We are solely donation based. We are a registered charity. People can donate on our FB page, website or by mail. Click here for more info on how to donate.




A pretty amazing place huh?!




And just a public announcement: While I wouldn't normally recommend cuddling lions cubs if you're travelling to places in South Africa for example, that are often guises for the awful canned hunting industry, there are obviously times when this does not apply (no such thing as canned hunting in Australia!) and not every single sanctuary in Southern Africa that has cubs is in fact involved in canned hunting. When I volunteered at Harnas in Namibia in 2012 they had a cheetah cub and have had lions cubs in the past. All the animals at their sanctuary have come to them as orphans, because sadly, big cats and other predators are often shot in places like Namibia if the farm owners feel they are a threat to their livestock. This is a problem in itself, but in most cases they contact Harnas, or their sister organisation and our partner, Nannkuse, to hand over any orphans left behind. If places like Harnas, Naankuse, and others, didn't exist, nor would these animals. You can usually tell the good organisations apart from the more sinister ones, by the fact that they don't breed any animals, which Harnas and Naankuse do not, and if they have a release-into-the-wild program, which both Harnas and Naankuse do. That's my two cents on that serious issue!




If you can help out Zambi Wildlife Retreat and the amazing things they're doing for all animals, please check out their website for ways you can help.



Shelter Cat Saturday - Special Needs Edition

This is Glitch! A very pretty young lady in care with CatRescue in Sydney. She is a year old, is a DSH tortie and needs a special person for her special needs.  



Glitch is a very sweet and smoochy special needs girl who would love a fairly quiet home with special people who will love her. She loves curling up on your lap and loves to snuggle into a warm blanket. However Glitch wouldn't suit young children as she can get a bit playful and likes to nibble her carers leg sometimes. Glitch is also getting used to her carers greyhounds but is still a bit unsure. Glitch came to CatRescue when she was about 6 months old. She looks like her back legs are on back to front because of a congenital defect (see medical notes). Her disability doesn't stop her enjoying life. She runs around like other cats. She is so cute to watch walking - her back legs make a circular movement and little bit like a seal. But it doesn't seem to hinder her other than she can't jump high but she loves to run around and play with her toys. She also travels well in the car.


If you would like to give this special girl a home, click here to check out her online profile or call Jenny on 0408 435 514. We hope this pretty kitty gets the forever home she deserves soon!





Kitty Phone Cover Winners

A huge thanks to everyone who entered our latest giveaway!  



We have three lucky winners today! Congrats to Eden who won the iPhone 5 (leopard cub) case, to Helena who won the iPhone 4 (exotic) case and to Colleen Boudreau who won the Galaxy S4 (roaring kitty) case! I'll be sending you an email shortly.


If you missed out, these cases are available to buy (along with the Galaxy S3 case) in each of these designs in our US and UK shop now - they ship to most countries at a very reasonable price. Thanks again to all those who participated in this latest giveaway!



Shelter Cat Sunday

Well hello there! This sweet kitty is Shadow, hoping to find her forever home with the Animal Adoption Agency in NSW.  



Shadow is a happy cat that loves people. She has a fantastic temperament & is a lot of fun to have around. Shadow will settle into a new home in no time. Unfortunately her owner had to move overseas & had no choice but to find her another home.


If you'd like to know more about this pretty girl, please call her carers on (02) 4777 4746 or click here to see her online profile. Keeping our paws crossed for Shadow!



GIVEAWAY - Kitty Phone Cases!

To celebrate our new range of super cute cat phone cases we've decided to give some away!  



Right now in our US and EU shops (who ship to most countries at a very reasonable price) you can buy the three wrap-around designs above on iPhone 4 and 5 cases, and Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 cases (sorry to all the rest - these are the only ones available to me!).


Today three lucky people have the chance to win one of the covers pictured, an iPhone 4 case in the Exotic design (far right), an iPhone 5 cover with the Leopard Cub design (middle) and a Galaxy S4 case in the Roaring Cat design (left). You have two chances to win. For your first entry, simply leave a comment below telling me which style you want - iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 (we are only giving away the actual ones in the photo). For your second entry, tag someone you know on our photo on Facebook, click here to do that now. Easy peasy!


Giveaway is open to everyone and will be drawn on Friday 20th June. Good luck!



New Partnership - Neighborhood Cats

I'm so very excited to announce a new partnership! We now support US non-profit organisation, Neighborhood Cats. Based in New York, Neighborhood Cats believes that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is not only the most humane method to end the severe feral cat overpopulation crisis but also the most effective. Neighborhood Cat's mission is to make TNR fully understood, accepted and practiced in every community.  



Neighborhood Cats has been running many successful TNR programs since 1999. Some of their current programs are:

  • Shady's Fund which makes medical care and lifesaving services possible for community members taking care of cat colonies, who would otherwise have no way of finding help
  • Gimme Shelter! The Gimme Shelter! program purchases and distributes insulated shelters to local caretakers, to help feral cats in NY survive the harsh winter months
  • Neighborhood Cats/Humane Alliance Veterinary Scholarship Program. This program facilitates training for veterinarians in high-volume, high-quality low-cost spay/neuter to increase spay/neuters in communities with greatest need so that more animals can be impacted and overpopulation of free-roaming cats and other at-risk animals can be reduced
  • Feral C.A.T. (Community Assistance & Training). Feral C.A.T. is a Neighborhood Cats program designed to assist organizations as they establish and grow TNR programs in their own communities



Photo via the Neighborhood Cats Facebook page


You can see from the info above why we want to partner with such an impactful and important organisation. Want to help this awesome group? Visit our US, Australian or UK shop now and get yourself some unique kitty gear and help us help Neighborhood Cats, and the other awesome groups we support.



Shelter Cat Saturday

This is Kate, a beautiful DMH in care with Flick's Cat Rescue and Adoption in South Australia.  



Black cats make great companions and Kate is no exception. This sweet and fluffy girl would love to find a furever home where she would be treated like a princess. Kate is not fussed on dogs or children, but can become scared of other cats especially if they are dominant. This sweet and affectionate girl loves her food, belly rubs and lots of cuddles!


To find out more about the gorgeous Kate, click here to fill out a contact form and here to see her profile. Hoping she finds her forever home this long weekend!



Cat Tee Mission welcomes Nicola Rowlands

We're very excited to be welcoming Nicola Rowlands to Artist Exchange this month! Nicola is a UK based illustrator and has kindly created a kitty design just for us!  10273420_720856271291474_3748191139029304956_n

Nicola's design is in our Australian, UK and US shop now


Nicola designs aprons, stickers, greeting cards, tote bags, pocket manfriends, brooches, tea towels and pillows.  They are all her own designs born in her brain and materialised for your pleasure and happiness. A lot of these feature cats! Check out her Etsy shop to see all the awesome goodies available.



Nicola's Boyrfriend Girlfriend Pillow Set - available in her shop

  We're very excited to have yet another custom design created by an amazing artist, just for us. These items are strictly limited though, and will only be available for the month of June. Hurry! Huge thanks to Nicola for being involved in Artist Exchange.



Shelter Cat Sunday - Special Needs Edition

Meet Missy! A special needs kitty looking for a forever home with CatRescue in Sydney.  



Missy is the sweetest little cat who deserves an owner who will show her the loyalty she deserves! Loyal, playful and affectionate, Missy loves to lay around and soak up the sun. Missy's luck changed when her previous owner moved and couldn't take her, but in fact it was just as well as her new carer could see Missy had a problem with her eye and ensured she went to a vet. It turned out it was a cancer on her eyelid. Then bad luck really set in because unfortunately there was a complication during the surgery and the remaining eye only has about 5% sight. Missy can not see very well at a close distance but is a little better at far distances. Missy will get to know your voice and respond when you talk to her rather than rely on seeing you. This will take some time in a new house so you will need to be patient. She takes time to get to know you but she is a gorgeous girl once she is settled.


If you'd like to meet Missy please call Jenny on 0408 435 514. Good luck to this sweet lady!



Design Our Logo Competition!

We've had this lovely website for two years now, and some things have changed since we first founded in 2012. We've expanded to support big cats and we're not just about tee shirts anymore. So its time for a bit of a change! We're working on a new website and a bit of re-branding, which will remain a secret for now, but that re-branding will include a new logo! And we're giving you the chance to design it!



Competition details:

  • Email to express your interest, where you'll then receive more specific information
  • ALL entrants will have their logo, name and website published on our blog
  • Winning entrant will get a spot on our Who Supports Us page with link to their website
  • Competition opens today, 30th May and closes on Saturday 28th June
  • All entrants are required to keep specific information regarding Cat Tee Mission rebranding confidential until after new website is launched
  • No payment will be given to the winner or any entrants. Your payment is the satisfaction of helping out a registered non-profit organisation and a spot on our website (and a huge thank you!)


Got any designer friends? Please pass this on! We look forward to hearing from you.



Shelter Cat Saturday

Say hello to a beautiful lady by the name of Mindy, currently looking for her forever with an amazing new sanctuary in Western Sydney called Zambi Wildlife Retreat. Zambi Wildlife Retreat, (AKA Life on the Line Rescue), is a place I only found out about very recently, its an amazing sanctuary for ex circus and zoo animals, as well as any other animals that need homes including domestic and farm animals. My idea of heaven actually! They're not quite open to the public yet, but are offering encounters with some of their animals, so I'm going to meet their little lion cub in a couple of weeks - CAN'T WAIT. Check back on the blog to read more about my experience in early June.




Back to our shelter cat!

Mindy is a very affectionate 6 year old purebred Persian cat. Unfortunately she was discarded by her previous owner and was in need of some loving care. Mindy's long fur was badly matted so she was given what is called a 'lion cut' shave. We have taken her into our care while we look for the best possible home for this beautiful kitty. We feel Mindy would be best suited to a quiet indoor home where she will be given lots of much needed attention. She is toilet trained and always uses her litter tray without fail.


If you would like to give this gorgeous girl a home, please email She is located in Mulgoa, Western Sydney. Good luck Mindy!



Shelter Cat Sunday + Happy Mothers Day!

Hello Dolly! This gorgeous Batman-mask-wearing kitty is Dolly, and she is looking for her forever home with the RSPCA in Victoria.  



Hi there, my name is Dolly and I love having toys and a nice scratching post to play around with.I'd love to sit on the couch and watch TV with you. I'm a smoochy puss.


If you'd like to meet Dolly, click here to read more about her and the adoption process, or call 03 5978 9000. Fingers and paws crossed for Dolly!


We'd also like to say a huge HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the lovely mums out there, we love you!





Shelter Cat Saturday

Meet Eddie, a handsome silver tabby looking for his forever home with Sydney's Cat Protection Society.  



Eddie is a sensitive guy, a gentle man with affection to share. He thought his last relationship would be forever but Eddie’s person passed away and now he’s waiting for someone who understands his grief and can provide more than just the essentials. His flea allergy means Eddie’s new home will be indoors only and he’d like to be your only feline friend. Eddie is an 8 year old darling so if you’re ready to make a commitment then he’ll be true – he’ll be your one-and-only.


If you'd like to know more about Eddie, please get in contact with CPS. Good luck Eddie!